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How To Date A Colombian Woman: Specifics Of Dating Colombian Women

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The desire to feel the hot passion of a Colombian lady isn’t enough to succeed in a relationship with her itself. These women are very open and friendly but at the same time, they’re demanding and expect you to try hard to get their attention. If you thought you can relax and just let the connection grow naturally you’re wrong. Colombian girls like to pretend hard to get and it’s an inevitable part of dating in their culture. Explore the effective tips on how to make it work out below.

Dos and don’ts while dating a Colombian girl

Sexy Colombian Woman

Things to do

  • Learn the art of the flirt. Colombian girls’ behavior reminds of an exciting play. She can show you with the blink of the eye she likes you, but she’ll never make a single more step forward. For a Colombian lady, flirt is enough to demonstrate her intentions, all the crucial moves are on your shoulders. Take the initiative and be the leader of this relationship.
  • Pay for her. Offering her to split the bill you’ll lose her forever. In Colombian girls dating, such a gesture is unacceptable. The gender roles in her motherland are strong, and she doesn’t want to feel on the equal with a man. Demonstrate you’re not greedy and can provide for the family in the future.
  • Gift her. Starting from Colombian dating services where you first meet your beloved pamper her with little nice surprises or beautiful flowers. In your culture, it might be really a cliché, but Colombians appreciate such moves immensely. Use your imagination and try to surprise her! Let this be a certificate for bachata classes or a SPA coupon. Even the tiny chocolate can melt her heart if this is on a regular basis.
  • Be open. According to the specifics of the dating culture in Colombia, ladies here are very friendly and sociable. They’re ready to discuss everything with you, so don’t get surprised if after the first date you know the name of her dog and how many husbands her grandmother had. But she expects the same level of sincerity from you! Talk freely, don’t pretend someone you are not!
  • Be creative in bed. When you’re already that far in dating a Colombian girl it’s important to keep the passion on the same level at one stage of a relationship. You’ll probably be in shock if she’s ready to be in bed with you! Don’t bore this sexy tigress, she is ready to experiment with you!

Things to avoid

  1. Don’t be cheap. Bringing her one poor rose might be a graceful gesture for you, but she’ll think you’re just greedy. The more generous your presents are, the more chances you have to feel her warmth. It doesn’t mean you have to present her a new iPhone or an expensive Pandora bracelet. Just add some soul to your gifts! Let it be a bunch of flowers or a tasty dinner cooked by you. She’ll feel when you count money and that won’t be your advantage.
  2. Don’t make Spanish jokes. You’ve probably read tons of tips online already and they all say to impress her with your Spanish skills. And after millions of such articles, how many men have already implemented that advice in life, what do you think? Columbian beauties are tired of identical ways to win their heart. Better be yourself and don’t be ashamed to admit you know nothing in Spanish. Maybe it’ll become a good reason to take private lessons with hot Colombian?
  3. Don’t call her “mamma”. Although you think it sounds funny and demonstrates how witty you’re, Colombian lady might think you want to offend her as this word has a sexual connotation.
  4. Don’t push on sex. Dating culture in Colombia is much more traditional than you thought. Her sexy clothes and passionate nature don’t mean she is ready for sex with a man on the first date. Give her time to get used to you and feel your emotional inner self.
  5. Don’t limit her in expressing emotions. If she is arguing in the cafe with a waitress who spoiled her soup, don’t you even try to calm her down. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by her behavior as in her country it’s normal to hold misunderstandings in such an emotional way.

Bottom line

Dating Colombian women is the desired fruit for many men around the globe. But only some of them are truly ready for this and know all the hidden stones these passionate beauties can bring to you. Now you’re one of them, so benefit from your unique knowledge!

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