Everything You Need To Know About Colombian Brides & Dates

Colombian mail order brides are popular among rich and successful American men. The reason for their popularity is their unique mindset and relation to marriage. After reading this article, you will crave to have a Colombian wife!

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Why Colombian Brides Go Online To Marry A Foreigner?

Becoming a mail order bride is not an easy decision for many women. It includes leaving the hometown, family, and friends. There are different motivations behind the solution to become a Columbian bride. Let’s take a closer look at the most mainstream ones.

She is an adventurous type. Some women want to see the world and crave to leave their hometown forever. That’s why they register on marriage sites and become Colombian brides online. Usually, they continue to travel with their husbands.

She came from the low-income region. This is the most common motivation behind the profiles of Colombian wives. They want to live a good and happy life, which is impossible in their hometown. That’s why women choose to live abroad with American men.

What is afrocolombianwomen.org?

We are a team of dating enthusiasts who review the best international dating services. Here, you will find the reviews on the sites with Colombian women — and if you’re searching for a girl from this country, you definitely need to check our reviews out. There are two types of websites on AfrocolombianWomen.org — mail order brides sites and international dating platforms.

The main difference between these two is the intentions of women who use these websites. Thus, the ladies who use mail order bride services are usually focused on a serious long-term relationship — they typically want to find a husband and they are often ready to move to another country. Most of them search for a man from the United States, but sometimes they want to find a husband from the United Kingdom or from other European countries.

Mail order brides are usually in their 20s-40s, and they usually live in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Southeastern/Eastern Asia. The women who use international dating sites want to date a foreign man, but they are generally not searching for anything more serious than that. Here, you will find the best dating and mail order bride websites with the hottest Colombian girls — so continue reading and find the right service for you!

Why Colombian Women For Marriage Are The Best Among Latina Brides?

You may ask, why marrying a Colombian woman is better than marrying a woman from Uruguay? They are both Latinas, what is the difference anyway? Here is the list of advantages that belong only to Colombian women. It will answer your questions.

  • Colombian women are friendly.
  • They look stunning before and long after marriage.
  • Colombian girls like to marry when they are young.
  • Women from Colombia are fun and cheerful
  • They adore to keep fit and take care of their bodies.

Colombian women seeking men become twice more stunning, as they try to show their best. Living with a Colombian means living a life full of joy! Especially the first few years.

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Why Americans Are The Best Husbands?

This question is pretty common among Colombian women for marriage. Men from many countries fight to conquer their hearts. But Americans are out of competition for the range of their unique qualities.

  1. American men are stable.
  2. They love to look well-dressed and keep fit.
  3. They like to give expensive gifts to their wives.
  4. Americans who came to marriage sites are serious about the relationships.
  5. They are open-minded and traditional at the same time.

Most of the American men crave to find a Colombian wife. Your American husband will think you are attractive and deserve the best. He will try to give you everything you want. Isn’t it what you always wanted?

Meet Columbian Women Who Are Famous Worldwide

Shakira — famous singer from Colombia. She is a famous singer, smart businesswoman, songwriter, and hot dancer. She earned the Latin Grammy, MTV, World Music and many other awards.

Adriana Aborleda — Colombian Instagram model and actress. She had photosets in Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan. Her most famous role in acting career is in the “Ugly Betty” television novel.

Anllela Sagra — fitness model, Instagram influencer. She started from the aesthetic of the skinny body and now is on her journey to body positive. It makes her different from any other female Latina Instagram influencer.

As you can see, meeting women in Colombia can be an exciting adventure. Each of them is good-looking and impressive personality at the same time.

How To Recognize The Type Of American Men To Marry With?

Typical American who wants to meet Colombian ladies has distinctive character traits. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

He tells about serious intentions to marry you. He can throw a lot of gifts in you from the very first seconds of your messaging. He will show you the pictures and videos of his house and car and promise you a beautiful life. Also, he will make a lot of plans for you both. A man who acts any different is not that interested in you.

Why do Colombian mail order wives might want to marry an American? For starters, most of their promises will come true. You will live like a princess with a decent American man. Also, you will have a possibility to realize your full potential in the USA.

Do Colombian Women Make Good Wives?

To marry a Colombian woman is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. The marriage success rate in American-Colombian couples is impressive. It is 50% more than in marriages between Americans and other Latinas.

It means that single Colombian ladies tend to become awesome wives for a long time. The divorce rate in American-Colombian families is one of the lowest in the USA. Only 5 percent of such families divorce. This rate tends to become even smaller with each month of 2019. It will be good if, in 2020, this rate reaches 0%.

Mail Order Brides Successful Experience

Mike Is The Best Husband!

Me and Mike, we met in 2011 on some website. I was 20, and Mike was 31 years old. I started a conversation for fun, and now I live in Nevada! I didn’t even know English, and Mike hired a tutor for me. I can write this review only because of him! – Linda.

I love my Colombian Girl

She changed my life. I never thought I would live with that kind of woman. If I didn’t register on the marriage website, we would never meet! She is a perfect woman for me. – Nash.


You can choose a Colombian mail order bride on many Colombian marriage websites. Register there in a couple of clicks and select a woman that you like. It’s a pleasant and straightforward process, as a result of which you can have a happy family!


What are the advantages of marrying a Colombian woman?

First off, Colombian women are devoted to their families. They choose a partner for life and are committed to their husbands. Besides, these ladies are very grateful and can enjoy simple things. There is no need to puzzle over how to impress your wife. Colombian women are passionate lovers, excellent housekeepers, and responsible mothers. They are open with their emotions, so you will always know what she’s up to.

What are the challenges of having a Colombian partner?

Due to the unique Colombian mentality, the ladies from this country are emotional and impulsive. They can create a dramatic situation out of nothing. If they feel a lack of attention, they may be jealous and annoying. Due to their passionate nature, Colombian women use a lot of gestures. Also, they often either exaggerate or use diminutives. So, it may be difficult to understand them if you aren’t a native Spanish speaker.

Are Colombian women attached to their families?

Colombian girls usually have close bonds with their families. Typically, young women live with their parents until they get married. It is in Colombian nature to overprotect their children, even if they have already found their partners. Unlike North American or European ladies, Colombians are more dependent on their families.

Is it legal to marry a Colombian woman?

Getting married to a Colombian lady is absolutely legal. If you are going to marry your Colombian spouse in her country, it is necessary to check Colombia’s requirements for legal marriage beforehand. In case you want to marry a Colombian woman in the US, you will need to get a fiancé visa first and then perform a civil or a religious ceremony.

How to impress a Colombian girlfriend?

Colombian women are passionate dancers. She will be glad if you invite her to the club or dancing classes where she can demonstrate her smooth and extravagant movements. Dance with your girlfriend to create a stronger connection. Avoid behaving like a macho and be a gentleman. Your Colombian lady will definitely appreciate it.

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