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Colombian Dating Culture: 8 Things You Should Remember While Dating A Colombian

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International dating is always a challenge. Having decided to look for a bride in Colombia means you lack passion in your life and want to connect with some hot mamma. Expecting only this from your future relations you’ll more likely fail. Stereotypes about other nationalities only interfere with building healthy relations. Get only the real facts about Colombian dating culture below.

  1. You have to lead. No exceptions. Your Colombian hot lady might be active while conversation, smile, and joke a lot, do the eye thing — all to get your attention. They’re masters in giving hints, and they expect you to understand them. She’ll never make any step forward if you’re not replying to her flirting. They’re not initiative, they rather prefer to put this on man’s shoulders and play a hard thing to get.
  2. They’re really not easy to win. Their sociability deceives from the first sight. The way she holds herself with you may be considered as an open one, you might even think she already feels comfortable with you and is ready for anything. But that’s only thanks to her good manners and friendly nature. Smile and one compliment aren’t enough to touch the heart of a Colombian mail order bride. You’ll have to take more steps and be creative.
  3. Sex on the first date is a rare thing. Except for a one night stand, but that’s another topic to discuss. If you desire to have serious relations and long-term dating, sex will come not earlier than in 2-3 months after your first meeting. It happens so because of family influence and a good upbringing, religion, and simple desire to establish closer contact.
  4. Dating a Colombian is a constant tease. Maybe that’s why they’re known as passionate lovers in the world. The more you have to wait for sex to happen, the more memorable it’ll be. Abstinence makes everything better in the end. Colombian women know this rule perfectly, and with the seductive forms they possess, men have no chances to lose appetite for weeks, months, and even years. Sex is their special way of manipulation. Wouldn’t you agree to be manipulated in such a delicious way?
  5. They appreciate a joyful atmosphere. The more fun you have on a first date, the more chances you get to have a second one. Going to the museum or famous exhibition is the best way to bore a passionate Colombian mail order bride. Everything is burning inside of her and it’s hard to hide it pretending to be interested in topics she doesn’t like. A date for her is the chance to get to know you — from the inside and outside. She’s sociable and wants to you feel it.
  6. She’ll touch you a lot. Gentle pet on the arm, kiss to your cheek, holding your hand while telling something exciting — that’s all about a Colombian lady. These gestures are part of their culture and dating a Colombian you’ll have to get used to the fact it’s only good manners with no additional meaning. It doesn’t mean she likes you or desires to take you to bed faster. Through touches, she gets to know you. It’s a well-known psychological trick to establish a friendly connection between people, and she knows it perfectly.
  7. You need to pay the bill. Always. Even if the date went wrong, even if you don’t feel any chemistry between them, and even if she called you a jerk and created a drama festival right in the restaurant. Gender roles are strong in Colombia and it influences their dating culture immensely. Offering her to split the bill you’ll not only offend her but also won’t get the desired result. She’ll more likely pretend she left the purse at home and you’ll have to pay anyway.
  8. Family connections won’t influence your dating with a Colombian girl. The strong bond with parents and relatives isn’t a thing to deny. More likely you’ll see her mother at your place more often than you would want, but it doesn’t mean she’ll make decisions in your relationships. Colombian ladies are close to the family but mature enough to live their own life.

To sum up

Dating culture in Colombia might differ from what you’re used to and what you’ve heard about it. Knowing these simple truthful facts you have no chances to fail with a Colombian lady. Get all armed and conquer that passionate heart!

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