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Tips On How To Win The Heart Of A Colombian Woman

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Who hasn’t dreamt about being with a woman like Shakira? Observing her seductive curves every day when she dances while cooking, seeing her sincere smile, and experiencing a passionate love. Colombian women are most appreciated in the world mostly for the fire they have inside and how they can make yours burn too. Shakira, as the most famous representative of her native country, shows by her own example how easy it is to combine treats of a hot lover and caring wife and mother. Have you seen the content face of Gerard Pique? It talks louder than words!

No wonder many men are simply terrified to even try themselves in getting such a woman. And that’s the biggest mistake! Colombian women appreciate purposeful and confident men who aren’t afraid of just being themselves. Learning the following easy rules you’ll conquer any Colombian heart. Write down!

Things you didn’t know about Colombian ladies

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Not only passionate they are as you thought. Too often, men don’t even dig deeper, hot temper is enough for them to want such a wife. But it’s never enough for her. So, remember the following.

Being hot doesn’t mean being easy to get laid with

It’s probably hard to keep your desire inside when you’re around the real Сolombian wife. The way she moves, talks, laughs excites. But the biggest mistake you can make here is to offer her to stay at your place for a night on the first date. These ladies know their value and the only response you’ll get after such a suggestion is the slap in the face. Think twice before pushing on her like this.

Marriage isn’t her goal

You’ve heard many times about how family-oriented those women are and how much they appreciate family connections. Your mates probably intimidated you that her mother will call you “son” right after the month of dating. Even if so, your Colombian girlfriend won’t insist on getting married fast. She appreciates not only her freedom but yours too. Ladies from there have modern views and don’t always follow the traditions.

They aren’t drama queens

Popular soap operas show how much passion those women have both in love life and quarrels. But that’s a cliche. Your Colombian lady can be jealous, but she respects herself enough not to turn such a tiny thing into an emotional argument. She’ll tell you about her feelings and what bothers her only once. If you’ll not hear this, she’ll just make her own conclusions and don’t get surprised then if you’ll not feel the same level of love from her as you did before.

What to do to win her attention on the first date?

Everything starts with the first meeting, and if you don’t know how to behave, more likely there will be no more dates. Not to fail, read the following tips.

  • Leave your shyness in the past. Sitting in another corner of the club and staring at the hot Colombian lady will only make her call the police and blame you for harassment. Although they all look confident and out of your league, when starting a talk you’ll realize how easy to communicate it is with her. They’re very open and kind to strangers, especially when they don’t feel you’re fake. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.
  • Don’t imitate Spanish accent. Not only it indicates your bad manners but you can’t ever impress her. Do you really think you’re the first guy who tries to flirt like this with a Colombian lady? Be creative! Say that you need to translate a letter from your business partner and ask for her help. Or just don’t even raise this topic at all! She’ll better discuss some exciting movie with you than the same things every second guy brings to.
  • Flowers is the must. Or any other little but pleasant gift to demonstrate you’re attentive. Colombian brides consider them real queens, and they want you to conquer them. Being a strong, self-contained woman from the first sight only means she wants to melt in strong hands and relax. Don’t fail this test.
  • Pay the bill. This thing shouldn’t even be mentioned, but if you ever ask her if she wants to split the bill, you have no chances for the second date. Show her you can provide for the family and aren’t greedy.
  • Don’t talk banal things about culture. The easiest way to bore your Colombian lady is to say how bright their traditions are and ask to tell more about this. She hears it on each date. Better ask about her views on relations, talk about psychology, tell what was the last thing you cooked and how you failed at it. Discuss simple things and make her laugh, and she’ll want to continue such a conversation on a second date.

To sum up

Winning the heart of the Colombian woman might be a hard riddle only for those who believe stereotypes. Having an open mind and following these simple tips you’ll not only get the number of a Colombian lady but make the fire of interest towards you burn inside of her.


How to impress a Colombian woman on the first date?

You will need to make some efforts to impress your Colombian lady on the first date. First off, prepare a small gift that symbolizes the start of your relationship. Don’t buy expensive gifts in order not to confuse your lady. Make your conversation flow rather than act like an iceberg. Ask about her interests and desires. Also, don’t forget to be a gentleman. Colombian ladies love caring men, so try to be attentive and gentle.

What are the essential things to know about dating Colombian women?

Colombian ladies are affectionate and expect the same from their men. These women are ridiculously proud, so they are unlikely to be the first to apologize.  If you date a Colombian lady, it is better to learn how to dance since they are crazy about dancing. Ladies from Colombia have an excellent sense of humor, so you will never get bored with your girlfriend.

Should I share a bill with a Colombian lady in a restaurant?

It goes without saying that when you eat out with a Colombian woman, you should pay for the bill. If you ask her to split a bill, you will hardly have a second date with this lady. By paying for a bill, you show her that you are a generous and responsive person.

How to compliment a Colombian lady?

Avoid vague clichés like “You are the most gorgeous woman in the world.” Show off all your creativity and impress your girlfriend. If you like her dancing, you can express your admiration by saying: “I am crazy about you moving your hips.” However, it is better not to get too personal if you don’t know each other well.

Is it easy to date a Colombian woman?

Colombians have different outlooks on life and dating traditions compared to Western people. So, if you want to make connections with a lady from Colombia, you will need to learn the interests and preferences of these women. Although it may seem challenging to get used to a new culture, you will happily do it if you meet your soulmate.

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